Monday, February 15, 2010

Valen's Day

New Giant Heart mandala!

A Valen dinner party, with Red Velvet Cake...

...and a Valen Smoothie for breakfast, with a new little bear from Daddy.

And a brand new bear from Mom. So soft, and the colors of Milkweed.

(Someone else loves Lisbeth's new bear...)

Lisbeth celebrated Valen's Day (Lis-ism) by having dinner with us and sleeping over last night. Lis loves Valen's - she routinely cuts hearts into her snowflake/mandalas. This past week has been a good one for Lis. Her staff reported that she has been mostly content and that there have been no big seizures. We are currently increasing her Vimpat, slowly, and this is keeping the big seizures at bay, but Lisbeth is still experiencing the eyes getting stuck, a milder seizure activity that we hope will subside as we step up the Vimpat. She also started taking Cymbalta this week, and we think that this is a good part of the reason for her improved disposition. I can always tell when Lis is feeling more like her old self because her snowflake production increases! She brought over a whole pile of the new cuts, including the giant heart snowflake pictured at the top of this post. Yay.


  1. Oh, that's good news, and it must be a relief for you, too. No matter the circumstances, whenever one of our "children" is having difficulties, it's hard being the mom. Let's hope her successes this past week continue!! I love her snoflake creations. She certainly does a perfect job cutting them out. It must give her such a sense of accomplishment. I keep my eye on her store. One day I'll be able to afford one of those beautiful t-shirts!

  2. Very nice Valen's day! I hope she keeps going without the seizures!

  3. Martha and Lisbeth!

    I love the mandalas as placemats!!