Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Better Week

Thankyou for all your well wishes. Lisbeth did indeed enjoy her lobster last Friday, and she is enjoying a good week! She has been happy and giggling during our phone calls, and is looking forward to sleeping over on Saturday. We are grateful for this calm spell.
Today I will be spending alot of time with Lisbeth's snowflakes, submitting fabric designs to Spoonflower, so that we can start sewing some items for her Etsy store by mid-March!


  1. Are the forsythias really blossoming yet? Love the picture of all the mandalas on the floor!

  2. No! Those are artificial - someone stuck them on the statue! I took that picture a year ago in February on my walk to my studio. See the SNOW in the background? No flowers in February in Maine! Unlike where you live! Yes, I'm about cross eyed from staring at those mandalas and processing them in photoshop all afternoon!

  3. So glad it has been a good week.

    Lisbeth's designs are so lovely.

  4. It's good to hear that it's been a good week. Finger's crossed for more of the same. I absolutely love the photo of all the mandalalas! They are so impressive strewn about like that! Hope you are having a good weekend and the sleep over goes well. Thinking of you, karen

  5. Hi Elizabeth

    Thankyou! I think they are beautiful, too!

  6. Hi Karen

    Thankyou! It's always up and down with Lisbeth. I appreciate your thoughtfulness!