Sunday, February 28, 2010

Angels Come In All Shapes and Sizes

They come in the shape of a man who drives an ambliance (Lis-ism)...

and the shape of a smiling fireman with a yellow glow-in-the-dark slicker.

They come in the shape of a young man wearing a sweatshirt and jeans, a baseball cap and rubber gloves...

...this young man, who can read the beats of a heart, and the pressure of blood as it surges through veins.

Angels come in the shape of a snow white cat...

with liquid eyes: big, blue, and full of knowing.

Pictures from Friday afternoon. Lisbeth had another long seizure, and another ambulance call. And when I returned to my house there was still no power, but in my backyard, just before sunset, there was this:

Angels sometimes look like this.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear she had another long seizure! I hope she's doing better---angels look a lot like moms.

  2. I hope things with Lisbeth are back to normal now and that you have power. Wow, that rainbow was gorgeous, and how about timing.

  3. they also look like grandmothers!

  4. hi deborah!

    thankyou, yes, lisbeth is stable again. always a rollercoaster ride with that girl...
    our power is ON! (luxary of luxaries!) and wasn't that rainbow incredible? it really cheered me up!

  5. Thanks for reminding us that angels surround us all the time and come in all shapes and sizes. I'm so glad to hear that Lisbeth is stable again AND that you have power.

    Rainbows are such hope-filled things! Loved seeing your photos.