Friday, February 5, 2010


Lisbeth and I worked on her shrine today. We are painting these little shelves PINK.
Her hand got scraped during one of the several seizures she had this week. Lis began to seize and fell on the ground when she and her helper went outside to get the mail - she sometimes goes down fast and without warning - she has broken fingers, lost teeth, and cracked her head open. Usually we can catch her, but sometimes we can't.

When I arrived at Lisbeth's house today she was spacey, but up and about. When she has a cluster of tonic clonic seizures like she's had this week, it takes several days for her to come out of the fog. She paces and wanders, is at times non-verbal, or she repeats the same phrases over and over. Here are some of Lisbeth's time worn perseverative phrases:

Oooooh, little monkey, monkey!

Oooooh, George Washington!

Ooooooh, Bill Cosby!

Plus and take away! Plus and take away!

Ooooooh, what a cute little BUTT you got there!

You're fat as a cat!

You gotta fart!

You got the GAS from your big fat BUTT!

Chadder cheese! (sic) Chadder cheese! Chadder cheese!

Sometimes Lis trots quickly from room to room. (When she was younger, if someone was seated and she was trotting by, she would come right up and wack them hard in the back of the head! We learned to duck...). This is an example of the perseverative behavior she displays on these days. She'll line up her crayons over and over and over, or flatten a washcloth repeatedly. She snaps her fingers and claps rapidly and loudly (we call these snappy/clappy days). She also draws. I have a collection of her postical artwork - it is strange and powerful. Lisbeth has no recollection of these days. When she was younger and experiencing 12-20 grand mals a month, she had only a handful of clear days. The rest of the month was a black hole.

So today I helped Lisbeth get washed and dressed, then we worked on a little painting project and had lunch together. After lunch Lisbeth laid down to rest and went into some petite mal seizure activity. She typically has this aftermath of less violent seizure activity while she is recuperating from a big seizure cluster. By the time I left, Lisbeth was sleeping comfortably. Tomorrow she will be a little bit more clear...


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing the alter--I know Patience will just love it, being pink!!

  2. oh, 'twill be a pepto bismal pink delight! stay tuned!