Sunday, February 21, 2010


Lisbeth's Lobster Moon mandala is for sale in her Etsy shop (see the four black lobsters?)

Lisbeth with her brother-in-law, Cory Duggan.

Cory brought fresh lobsters down from Islesford where he lives with Lisbeth's big sister Kaitlyn.

Lisbeth was weaving in and out of cloudiness on Friday after having that rugged seizure on Thursday. She alternated between bouts of staring, and then coming to and circling the kitchen, saying "lobster, lobster!" over and over. Lis loves lobster. It's her favorite meal, and knowing that she was invited to a surf and turf dinner at our house cut through the thickest postictal fog! She is clearing up slowly, and on the mend, once again. She is a trooper.