Sunday, January 24, 2010

Milkweed's Sneeze (Brand New Way of It)

Little Milkweed
Little Milkweed, she sneezed without any sound of it. It was nice. Brand new. Mom and Dad, you need to know about it, and the other guys in the family. My kitty is the older kitty - medium one. Sara would need to hear about it, and Karen would need to, and Holly, and John, too. Eben, his little kids would need to hear about it (it was nice that I gave his little kid the book for the birthday, mmmmmm hmmmmmm). Even Geoff need to know about my little kitty, and Alec Miller need to know, too. That's good that my little kitty didn't do sick way of it. I would need to call Mom and Dad about this. It's really better way of sneezing. Mmmmmmmm hmmmmmmm. Would need to make a movie all about this. Mom and Dad can be happy about this! I know the guys in the family can love this! The helpers can love this, too! I'm so happy of it!!
All by Lisbeth


  1. Milkweed has the darkest eyes I've ever seen on a cat!

  2. I know! Her pupils are ALWAYS dilated! But her eyes are sky blue! She really is a beauty!