Thursday, January 28, 2010

Too Funny of It

Sunday morning.

Enjoying the fire and the funny joke.
Lisbeth boarding the van for her ride back home with her helper.
Lisbeth was in good spirits on Sunday morning after her sleepover, and even did a funny joke. And one thing that is always stuck in her brain (Lis-ism) is that she gets her allowance for the week on Sundays! It's great that she is making her own money now with sales from her Etsy shop - we can stop calling her money an allowance, and start calling it a paycheck! More ways of being a very real grown-up!


  1. Tell Liz I had a good laugh over the fish egg!! couldn't believe it! Oh and by the way I need more money!

  2. hee hee. the important things do get left in the brain!