Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Hurt Feelings (Sad of It)

Lisbeth's Tree Frogs Mandala for sale now in her Etsy shop.

Me and Sad Lis.

One of the ways that Lisbeth copes with The Hurt Feelings (Lis-ism for mad and sad)
is by hugging her Hurt Feelings Teddy Bear
(she has had HFTB since she was 9 years :*)

Lisbeth also watches The Hurt Feelings Movie, a video that one of her Ed Techs (a wise and wonderful nurse named Shirley Helms) made for Lisbeth when Lis was at Brunswick High School in 2002. The video is simply footage of Lisbeth telling Shirley why she feels sad. Plugging this into the VCR and watching this little film provides great comfort for Lisbeth and has proved to be a very effective coping tool when she is perseverating.


  1. Bears! Patience brought home Corduroy from her Kindergarten class. She just loves to take him home! Stuffed bears are pretty comforting!