Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hold the Phone!

Lisbeth Miller has a new blog, called Not Bad Thing! (This phrase is what our family refers to as a "Lis-ism...")
And you will notice that the blog has a color scheme that happens to match a certain little cat's pink ears and nose, blue eyes, and white fur!
Yes, Lisbeth loves pink, white, and blue, and she loves to make beautiful cut paper snowflakes!
And I love to have them printed on things, like these cute little onesies....
...and these cool tee shirts! Showing them off here are Lisbeth's big brother Andy, her big sister Kaitlyn, me, and her brother-in-law Cory.
You can find these items over at Lisbeth's new Etsy shop, Brainstorm Studio! We will be making many more products with Lisbeth's snow/flake mandalas in the weeks to come, and I will show the process here, so stay tuned to learn more about this remarkable young woman!


  1. Cool blog!! Perfect in Pink! I'm looking forward to reading and seeing more pictures and following the snowflakes!

  2. Hi Sue! All the ways of Lisbeth Miller! xox

  3. Hi, Martha. Kaitlyn pointed me to your blog from her Facebook page. I don't know a whole lot about your family, so it is very cool to learn about you all here. I am going to share this with a friend of mine who has been for many years working with adults with developmental disabilities, because you do such a nice job of telling your daughter's whole story and not just parts of it designed to impart a specific message, as so many stories relating to health care and mental health care do.

    So, I do appreciate your blog for cerebral reasons, but holy Christmas am I in love with that cat! I can't think about anything else when that cute face is peering out at me from the computer screen. SQUEEEE!

    Thanks for both. :)

  4. Hi Kate!

    Thankyou for your kind feedback and yes, please do pass this along to your friend! YUP. Milkweed is killer cute!!!! :*)