Saturday, January 16, 2010

Beautiful Way of It

A Chinese cut paper design from a little book of cuts from China Town...

Lisbeth's Milkweed Mix

Lisbeth's Pastel Mandalas

Mandalas in the snow.

Lisbeth with a collection of her favorite things. All Beautiful.


  1. Wow! What a cool video done with paper cutting! I just finished making a paper doll's dress for little P, more paper cutting!

  2. SouleMama brought me here. Amazing. I grew up with a sister with cerebral palsy, and a mother who worked as an advocate in the disability community (eventually my sister did as well), so have deep roots in this community as well. Lisbeth's talent and challenges are reminders to all of us that each person, every one of us, has gifts to share and difficulties to face. It is good to see the independence *and* support that Lisbeth enjoys.

  3. Hi Sue! I want to see pictures of those paper dolls! Remember our Gramma helping us make paper dolls at the kitchen table?? oxox

  4. Hi Andrea! Thanks for stopping by our new blog, and thankyou for your thoughtful comments! Lisbeth has one sister and three brothers, and they all share your experience of being a sibling of someone with special needs - which creates a whole other category of special needs, in my opinion! It is very difficult to be a sibling of a *special* child. Your remark that "each person, every one of us, has gifts to share and difficulties to face" really states that case!! You, and Lisbeth's siblings, are, and always have been, wise beyond your years. God Bless!!! p.s. So glad you came by way of SouleMama - don't you just love her blog? She's terrific!