Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blue Goddess Mandala Table Quilt

Completed, documented, and now for sale over in Lisbeth's Etsy shop! And I ordered 14 more yards of fabric from Spoonflower today. Stay tuned!

Lisbeth is down with seizures again, but she had a good week and a half or so. I can always tell she's in a good space when she doesn't call me alot - and when she does call, it's to tell me to put money in her bank account! :^) She loves to shop!


  1. This is the perfect table cloth to take for a picnic, since it has the thin layer of quilt batting in it! You could call this a picnic cloth, or something of that sort.

  2. yes, and when you are done eating you can get under it and take a snooze!

  3. And it's beautiful, so when you're bored you could just gaze at it in wonder.