Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Letter from Lisbeth

Lisbeth is down with seizures again. I thought I would post a letter that she composed recently:

I really just got hurt on my toes from the seizure thing. Hurt my toes - that's really bad how they're hurting now. Worse hurting of it. I had to tell my Daddy. Daddy knows what to do for the daughter. All the other guys in the family knowing about it, too. And Karen (helper) would need to know about this. When I do see her I tell her it. She be helping me back. When it's Thursday, that's the day I be taking Little Milkweed to the doctor, really are. Kate (helper) couldn't believe this, how it got really bad. Every helper couldn't. How much I hurt the toe with the seizure thing, worse way. My brothers couldn't believe it. Grampa Miller couldn't believe it either. Mmmmmmhmmmmmm. Older Jen (helper) couldn't believe it either.

All by,
Lisbeth Miller


  1. Did her foot cramp up? Did she bang it while seizing? Hope it feels better soon!!

  2. she has alot of neurogenic pain around seizure times - it can be her foot, her leg, her hand...