Friday, April 16, 2010


Lisbeth's traumatic brain injury makes for an original language. I love her names and terms for things. A few more Lis-isms...

Mixter Rogers.

Brother Eben and The Little Kids
(Eben with his children, Lisbeth's niece, Cecilia, and her nephew, Calvin).

aka The Joking Brother.

aka The Smart Teacher of The College.

Chadder Cheese.

l-r: Brother Andy, Sister Kaitlyn, Brother Alec (with Lisbeth).

Rust Pisspees.

Hard Balled Egg.

101 Dalmations Little Puppies Get Stolen.
The Funny TV Show With The Girl and The Guys that do Sit at the Restaurant.

Large Marge of the Ghost Eyeballs.

Switty the Bird.


and last but not least,

The Funny Dance...


  1. Thanks, I needed that!! "Oh my doodness" as one of my favorite three year-olds says...