Friday, April 2, 2010

Lisbeth's Drawings

Wedding Lady
Mommy and Allie

Mom Cat, Dad Cat (one of my all time favorites! :*)

Ice Cream

Mommy and Daddy, Going on a Date

Self Portrait
Wedding Girl


Yesterday I had the special honor of being mentioned in Amanda Soule's terrific blog, Soulemama, and I have her to thank for my new followers to this blog today! Welcome all! Amanda posted about fabric designing and showed some super sweet fabric printed with her family's bird drawings. I adore kids' art. Here are some of Lisbeth's drawing from our family archives, all done when she was between the ages of 6 and 11 (click to enlarge!). I have plans to make cards on Zazzle with these (and now that I've seen Amanda's fabric, I'm thinking, oooooh, fabric....).

I have a big drawer in an old dresser full of my five children's artwork - not the most archival method of storing it! I have scanned much of it, as Amanda mentioned she has done with her children's bird drawings. I would urge you to do the same! These precious pieces of art are so very fleeting and often go "the way of all things," to use one of my mother's expressions. They are fun to look back on once your children are adults, as mine are now.

Have a glorious spring weekend!


  1. Oh, my word. The anatomically correct Mom Cat and Dad Cat are just too much! I love the fabulously detailed ladies, but the *so* simple yet expressive cat faces and those bodies - well, those will be the cards *I* want!!

    Hope the Spring sunlight and warmer weather are agreeing with Lisbeth's system - I know the last month or two have been bumpy...

    Best, Andrea

  2. he hee! i know, right? thanks for your good wishes andrea, and a happy spring to you!

  3. I enjoyed seeing them all but the last one, of you, is precious!! ~karen