Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Goddess Sisters Mandala Fabric...

...in the process of becoming a table quilt. I'm still using my trusty 50's Singer, but must soon make the leap and buy a new fangled machine that does more than a straight stitch! I'm trimming and backing the quilt with this pretty madras plaid. It was part of my mother's stash of fabric that I inherited when we moved her out of her house into an Alzheimer's unit in an assisted living facility. This fabric is so my mother. I will be adding a ribbon trim, and doing some machine quilting next...
Our table runner in the previous post was mentioned in yet another blog post yesterday! So cool! Check it out!


  1. beautiful! How nice the runner had two mentionings!

  2. These are just gorgeous, Martha. You are really on to something here and using Lisbeth's designs in such pleasing and exciting ways!