Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Down and Out (Again)

Lisbeth is down with seizures again. And so it goes. At least there were no big long seizures this time. But she is in the postictal fog and on these days she behaves alot like someone with Autism: she is non-verbal for a while, and does the same things over and over, like trotting back and forth, and clapping and snapping her fingers. When she gets a little clearer she repeats phrases, and asks for the same foods - chadder cheese (Lis-ism) and vanilla ice cream. She also craves eggs and peanut butter during these times of recuperation. This is interesting, because these are the high fat foods found in the Ketogenic Diet that is used to treat certain seizure disorders.

Here are a few shirts that we just listed on Lisbeth's Etsy store, her Big Heart mandala in a couple of new spring colors - a Robin's egg blue, and a soft teal green! Pretty! This mandala reminds me of the Pennsylvania Dutch Hex signs. (Hmmmm, now that would be another cool way to use Lisbeth's designs - on painted wooden signs!)


  1. I like the big heart mandala! Also the blue/green color on a white shirt! I hope Lisbeth gets some good springtime energy!

  2. The new shirts are very pretty. Sorry Lisbeth is having seizures again. She went quite awhile episode free this time. I have an anxiety disorder, and eggs and cheese are my comfort food. I later learned, that combination is good for anxiety! Funny how that works. Makes you think your body knows what you need - right, Lisbeth? ~karen

  3. Hi Sue

    She has Slappy and Clappy energy today!

  4. Hi Karen

    Yes, Lisbeth had about 10 clear days. We'll take it! I also have an anxiety disorder - Panic Disorder - I'm in pretty good recovery, and one of the things that has made a big difference is being on the Schwarzbein diet. Yay, protein!!