Monday, March 8, 2010

Not the Right Way of It

A Disgruntled Customer.
We invited Lisbeth and her helper, Katie, to have dinner with us on Saturday night. Garry planned to BBQ a pork loin, and was busy prepping the vegetables to go with it. I asked Lisbeth if she would sit for a portrait while we waited for Dad to finish fixing our supper, and she agreed. She started off with a smile, but soon noticed the unconventional colors I was using to draw her hair...
"Mom, my hair's not green!!!"
(Whoo, boy. Bad idea.)
So we promptly stopped that activity and went to the kitchen to see how Dad was doing. Lisbeth did not like the sounds of the menu, and complained openly. "That's the gross food!" She had it in mind that she wanted to go out to eat, so we said, "Lis, it's your choice - you can stay and eat with us, or Katie can take you out. You have your own money to do that if you want to." She opted to go eat The Chinese Food with Katie, and away they went! Garry and I laughed and had a quiet dinner together, enjoying the feeling of being spurned by a grumpy teenager. It felt so normal...


  1. How funny! I love that googly drawing and then...the disgruntled look! No, that is NOT the right way of it!

  2. Hello Martha and Lisbeth

    I have just found your blog via Scent of Water in NZ. I am in Western Australia.

    I have a daughter with special needs, a syndrome with learning dificulties and a slight intellectual impairment. She will be 21 this month, still lives with us and has her struggles, but works part-time in a kitchen. I am very thankful that our daughter, Stephanie, does not suffer seizures, it must be a great and constant source of anxiety. I have many friends whose children do, and .... it just seems REALLY stressful.

    I really admire your blog and your work with Lis, and the way you celebrate her abilities and support her art. A real example to us.

    Thanks for sharing your world, and I hope for a seizure free zone (from now to eternity).

    My best wishes to you all

  3. Hi Sue!

    I knew you'd appreciate this! :*)

  4. Hi Laura Jane

    Thankyou for stopping by! It is a challenge simply to be a parent, but parenting a child with special needs is extra hard. It helps to know that we are not alone, doesn't it? I'm glad to hear that your daughter is able to work. That is so imortant!

    Come back again!

    Bless you!