Sunday, December 18, 2011

Just Hanging...

photo of Mom and Milkweed by Lisbeth

Lisbeth and I made her Gramma Simmons' party mix together at her house on Friday afternoon, then hung out downstairs with Milkweed. Lisbeth has been sleeping better since starting the Benadryl, and her mood and appetite have improved, but on Friday she was having some anxiety and talking about "feeling dead" again. We work to gently redirect her thoughts if possible, and use massage to relax her. If she cannot be redirected and the anxiety escalates, we give her PRN Ativan. Lisbeth had a seizure later that night - this increased anxiety is often the precursor to seizure activity. Milkweed is the best antidote to anxiety...

Gramma Simmons' Party Mix

1 small box Cheerios

1 box Wheat Chex

1 box Rice Chex

1 T garlic powder

1 T onion powder

1 T celery salt

1 t salt

3 T Worcester Sauce

1 lb butter

3 lbs mixed nuts

Mix cereal and nuts in large roasting pan (Lis didn't have one so we improvised, but you really want to use the one large roasting pan!). Melt butter in saucepan and add seasonings and salt to that. Pour over cereal mixture in roasting pan and stir. Bake at 250 degrees for 3 hours, stirring every half hour. Drain on brown paper, cool, then store in airtight containers. Give as gifts, and enjoy some yourself!

p.s. I can't control the spacing on Blogger lately - don't know what's up with that! Oh, well - here's to imperfection and radical acceptance! :^)


  1. Sounds (and looks) like a great recipe. Thanks for sharing it. I was wondering if you have tried the vitamin B's and kavakava for her anxiety episodes.

  2. I am so glad you updated us. I have been thinking of your family and Lisbeth a lot lately. Thanks for the update, your family remains in my prayers

  3. Hi Karen

    I will look into those supplements! Women to Women in Yarmouth are helping us with some alternative routes. Happy New Year! xo

  4. Hi Rebecca!

    Thankyou for your thoughts and prayers, it really does mean alot to us! Have a Peaceful and Happy New Year! xo