Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Gifts

Lisbeth and her Christmas stocking...
...getting some help from our cat, Sal.
Hummingbird socks!

Cairn takes a nibble of Lisbeth's new little unicorn...
Lisbeth and "Big Sister Kaitlyn."

Lisbeth's spot at the table, waiting for her till later...
After a nap. Lisbeth with her sister-in-law, Tracey.
Day after Christmas breakfast.
Silly Lis trying on Momma's glasses...
Lisbeth spent the whole day with us on Christmas by herself (her one-on-one helper called in sick), and slept overnight. She was clear and able to enjoy opening her gifts and being with her family. This is my best Christmas gift, for there are many holidays and birthdays in which Lisbeth cannot partake or even remember because she is in the throws of a seizure cluster. I am grateful that her seizures held off until afterwards (she is down with a seizure cluster now as I type this post). Lis had some anxiety Christmas afternoon; we laid her down on the couch in a quiet room and did massage and tried to redirect her thoughts without success and finally had to administer her PRN Ativan. Being with groups of people, even those she loves, can trigger great anxiety for Lisbeth. So she napped during our dinner and was able to thoroughly enjoy a quiet turkey supper later in the evening. And then she slept through the night, which is a small miracle in itself!!
Happy Holidays, All!

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