Thursday, February 2, 2012

How She Is

Lisbeth in my studio, admiring her latest "cut," a butterfly...

Butterfly Cut, by Lisbeth

We have started the second decrease of Risperdol this week. I am hoping that as we move this drug out of Lisbeth's system, her hand tremors and joint pain will be greatly reduced, and that she will be able to cut her snowflakes again with the same level of detail as in the past. I have been worried that Lisbeth's brain is deteriorating, and that this is the reason she can't "make the cuts" (Lis-ism) like she used to. I voiced this concern to her neurologist at her last appointment. Dr. Henninger admitted that adults like Lisbeth with a TBI and uncontrolled seizures will often develop dementia in their 30's and 40's, but she suspected this decrease in hand coordination had more to do with her meds. I believe it's either that or the EPS. Or both. To quote my therapist friend, "You can have ticks and fleas..."

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