Friday, February 17, 2012

Brother Alec

Lisbeth and Milkweed enjoying a visit from Brother Alec (Lis-ism) who now lives in Long Beach. Alec has been in Maine for ten days and flies back to California today. Lisbeth will miss her "little" brother. Sometime when I have more skin on (this has been a particularly rough week for Lisbeth) I will write about my experience of the difficulties faced by siblings of children with special needs. I could write volumes. But not today. For today I'll just say that there are indeed extreme challenges for these siblings, and in living with a "special" brother or sister, they become deeply wise.
Lisbeth and Alec in 1987, before Lisbeth's illness.


  1. It's hard to think of Alec as Lisbeth's little bother--so it's good to see the black and white older picture! Milkweed sure knows who he is!

  2. hee hee - love the freudian typo "little bother..."