Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Dance

Lisbeth and her Dad dance a waltz in her big brother's living room...

Lisbeth with her four siblings (and one little sneaky nephew :^) She enjoyed a good night just after we decided to completely stop the Keppra last week. Even on the lower dose, Lisbeth was experiencing perseverative thoughts about death and felt certain she was dying. She is now in the midst of a rugged seizure cluster. We are not sure how we will proceed from here - there are no new drugs out there that can help at this point. We are praying that Lisbeth will emerge from this recent flurry of seizures and enjoy some good days, and are willing to accept a few seizures a month in exchange for a better quality of life. The seizures tend to clear the air like a good storm. Did you know that electric shock therapy was designed after seizure activity? Lisbeth's psychiatrist told us this when suggesting that Lis is possibly better off having a few seizures, rather than none at all.


  1. sigh... I hope that "All the Ways of Lisbeth Miller" will confirm this path as "The Right Way of It," and Lisbeth will experience more days that bring her happiness and light rather than the darkness she has struggled with recently. My blessings and best wishes for the New Year.

  2. thanks, andrea!! lis is feeling better, and more her old self again! happy new year!

  3. Nice family picture! Good to see Lisbeth dancing! Also like Kaitlyn's colorful mug in the foreground and what a beautiful house--way to go Eben and Tracey!

  4. Hi there! I just wanted to say hello to both of you & to tell you how impressed I am by Lisbeth's mandalas. I have been a professional artist for decades & am not impressed easily but wow!...Lisbeth sure is something! Warm greetings to you & your family, from Dubai, our latest city of residence.