Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Back to the ER

Bandage with a numbing agent applied to the head wound.

Super glue in lieu of sutures. Works for me!

Lisbeth's helper Karen keeping watch, waiting for the wheelchair to take Lisbeth out to the car.

Brave and beautiful Lisbeth.

"Chadder" cheese soothes all ills...

Milkweed agrees.

I was working in my studio on some paintings about Lisbeth's last trip to the ER when her one-on-one helper called to tell me that Lisbeth had just had another bad fall during a seizure. I quickly yanked off my painting apron and told them I'd meet them at the ER. Evidently Lis had one of her "no warning" grand mal seizures where she goes down like a felled tree. These are the worst - no bending at the knees, no initial crying out, just BOOM. Straight down. She and her helper were in the kitchen about to make some banana bread, when Lis crashed into the refrigerator door, face first.
She's banged up but OK. Breaks my heart what she endures.