Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Studio of Her Own

Lisbeth and Jamie Silvestri of Artvan
Lisbeth and her helper, Sarah Montegut (in the doorway), and her house manager, Holly Spence.
Jamie explaining some of the materials that need tending...

A couple of weeks ago Lisbeth started volunteering for Artvan, a travelling arts thearpy program here in midcoast Maine, spearheaded and run by the highly creative, big hearted, energetic Jamie Silvestri. Jamie showed Lisbeth around the supply building - Lis and her helper will be coming in weekly to help keep the space clean and organized. In exchange for this, Jamie has offered a workspace for Lisbeth in the building. So now Lis is in the process of creating her own studio, a place to go and make her beautiful cut paper mandalas, masks, and other whimsical creations. So good.


  1. What a wonderful opportunity for Lisbeth! wow!

  2. Very good! tend to those pipe cleaners!