Saturday, July 24, 2010

Feel Better Color

Lisbeth with her new green feel better ring.

During the last several difficult weeks, Lisbeth has been instinctively surrounding herself with the feel better things (Lis-ism). The feel better blankets, feel better bears, feel better books and feel better pillows. She has also started to gather all things green around her. (Like all artists, Lis delights in color and pattern, and enjoys collecting similar items, calling them the same the same...)
Lis with her helper, Sara Montegut, after a swim yesterday. Lisbeth has been swimming twice this week! This is a huge step! She used to love to swim, and even won gold medals in the Special Olympics in High School. But for the past couple of years, anxiety has prevented her from getting into the pool. We tried all winter to help her with this at the local YMCA to no avail. But Wednesday and Friday this week, she swam with us in our backyard pool, and laughed and enjoyed herself. I cannot tell you how miraculous this seems and how glad this makes us feel...
Proud and glad Dad...

Proud and glad friend (and Lisbeth's former special ed teacher), Jo Goiran...
Going green from finger to toe...
It's the feel better ring, Mom and Dad. Guys couldn't believe it!


  1. Love the green shoes! We all need "feel better things" in our lives.

  2. She is so instinctual!
    ...a natural creative genius.

    Color theory of that "feel-better-green" tells us she has a lot to say. And that very soft version of spring-bud-pistachio green...? Some where between the Self-esteem-Solar-plexus and the Love-me-tender-Heart chakras. It's a good balancing act of emotions and a cooling of the head.

    Speaks of Marigold, Lemon, Niaouli, Oregono, Parsley, Petitgrain = Yellow-Green

    She might like to sip a cucumber+mint+lime icy?

    Cheers! the natural wonders of the world.

  3. Hi Teri!

    Thankyou for that color tutorial! A cucumber+mint+lime icy sounds great!! xo